Cake In A Can

Innovative 3D-driven campaign propels Cake In A Can, fostering widespread anticipation, market validation, and offline engagement.
Cake In A Can
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Cake In A Can, a pioneering concept in Lebanon, sought rapid viral growth for its unique product. The objective was to establish a strong market presence and unlock new opportunities through an effective social media marketing campaign.


Utilizing innovative 3D technology, our team initiated the campaign by launching product commercials even before the physical products were created. This strategic move generated heightened anticipation, allowing for market testing and building buzz around the brand. Our comprehensive approach included professional product photoshoots, captivating social media and ad management, and offline activation at the Christmas festival in Forum de Beirut.

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The creative process began with the implementation of 3D technology, enabling the creation of visually stunning product commercials. By unveiling the product digitally before its physical existence, we sparked curiosity and engagement. This was complemented by a professional product photoshoot, capturing the essence of Cake In A Can's uniqueness. The social media strategy included a mix of engaging content, strategic ad placements, and offline activation at a high-profile event, creating a multi-faceted approach to captivate the target audience.

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Our approach aimed not only to generate immediate interest but also to lay the foundation for sustained growth. By integrating cutting-edge technology, professional visual content, and strategic offline activation, Cake In A Can's social media presence was elevated to new heights.


The results were remarkable – Cake In A Can experienced exponential growth in brand awareness and engagement. The 3D technology-driven campaign successfully created a buzz, with the brand gaining widespread attention even before the physical products hit the market. The professional product photoshoots contributed to a visually appealing online presence, while the offline activation at the Christmas festival provided direct interaction with potential customers. This holistic strategy resulted in increased sales, elevated brand recognition, and positioned Cake In A Can as a standout and memorable brand in the market.

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